Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Face to Face with Christ

Today, there is a lead article at il, an interview with Antonio Socci, about the Pope's judgment on the financial crisis. I will attempt to translate just a piece of it which is relevant to Fred's recent postings.
Giussani parlava con persone a lui vicine, in un momento di forte entusiasmo al termine di un Meeting di Rimini andato particolarmente bene. Nel mezzo dell’entusiasmo lui se ne uscì con una frase impressionante e vertiginosa: «tutto passa, l’unica cosa che resta è il tuo faccia a faccia con Cristo». E questo è anche il giudizio finale su tutta la nostra esistenza.

At one moment of great enthusiasm at the end of a Meeting in Rimini that had gone particularly well, Giusanni spoke with some people close by. In the middle of the excitement he only offered a single impressive and dizzying statement: "Everything passes, the only thing that remains is you face to face with Christ." And this is the final judgment on all of our existence.

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Fred said...

Simply beautiful. Be it done unto me according to Your word.