Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blues and Mercy

From our friend Riro:

Hello everybody, a short message just to let you know that you can find some - hopefully - interesting new things on the website.

Those who like the stuff I write with Rich should go to:
there you will find some "raw cuts" recorded at Jonathan's home studio. Audio clips, lyrics, chords ...

Those who understand Italian can also listen to some "comments" a recorded for Radio Formigoni.

And the "photo journey" is constantly updated. You can also find some pictures taken at the recent Rimini Meeting during the presentation pf "Mi Mancano Solo le Hawaii" (with Vittadini).

About "Mi Mancano Solo le Hawaii" you can also find some interesting reviews.
Go to: and "click" on "recensioni".

There's another book you may be interested in, which I co-wrote with 3 dear friend. "Help! Il grido del Rock".

Last but not least, from November 4 through the 8th I will be in Italy to present "Mi Mancano Solo le Hawaii" in Padova, Genova, Bologna, Forli, Lugo, Rimini, Pesaro .... check the website next week for all details.

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Fred said...

I want to say that posting these letters which receive is really a great use of this space.