Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hope Does Not Disappoint

A "letter of communion"

«In May 2005, my husband and I attended the Exercises [of Communion and Liberation, CL] for the first time. My father - an old time through- and- through CL member - invited us every year. We had been married for five years, and had a great desire to raise children, but since our desire was unfulfilled and medicine seemed unable to provide an explanation, we had decided to begin the adoption process. Then Fr. Baroncini shook us up with a great provocation: "To the couples that come to me saying that they can't have children and are trying to adopt, I ask: Did you ask for the miracle?" We always prayed to the Virgin to intercede for us with her Son, but we had never thought to ask for a miracle... On top of that, adoption for us had never been a makeshift solution, but an open door to the world. We accepted the challenge and really asked for a miracle. At the same time, we went ahead with the long road of adoption: interviews with a psychologist and a social worker, meetings with the agencies, disappointments, but also new friendships... then, finally, last year we welcomed Beatrice from Vietnam, a very beautiful and very good little girl, who turned one in February, just as I delivered her sister Benedetta! We can truly say that hope does not disappoint!

Cristina, Pavia, Italy»
Traces #6, 2008

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