Tuesday, July 1, 2008

CL Summer Vacations

"Awaiting vacation reveals a will to live. It's exactly for this reason that vacation can't be a vacation from our 'self'. So, summer can't be an interruption or procrastination from taking life seriously. By means of the commitment to the ideal in our free time, we will learn to pursue it as a hypothesis even in the rest of our time, where the pressures of duty and contingent influences make everything tougher." (Fr. Giussani)

More information with contacts on the summer vacations here.

GS (High School) Summer Vacations

  • July 22 - 27: Midwest Summer Vacation (Spearfish, SD)

Young Workers Summer Vacation

  • July 3 - 7: Young Workers Summer Vacation (Rocky Mountains)

Family Summer Vacations

  • June 12 - 15: Florida Summer Vacation (Melbourne Beach, FL)
  • July 2 - 6: Northeast Summer Vacation (Catskill Mountains)
  • July 2 - 6: Northwest Summer Vacation (Whidbey Island, WA)
  • July 4- 8: California Summer Vacation
  • July 12- 16: Atlanta Summer Vacation
  • July 16 - 20: Upper Midwest Summer Vacation (Osceola, WI)
  • August 6-10: Lower Midwest (Clifty Falls State Park, IN)


Terese said...

Add to the family vacations:
Lower Midwest: August 6-10
Clifty Falls State Park, IN


clairity said...

Hi Terese,

You should contact the national office to have that added to the website. Take care.